Day 6

Finally, a day to sleep in!  It’s our last day in London before leaving tomorrow and we don’t have anything on our agenda until noon, so we enjoyed the morning in bed, catching up on some rest.  Eventually we made our way to lunch at a restaurant called Babylon that had been recommended to us by a friend of ours.  It was another sunny day in London and the restaurant was a perfect choice because it’s located on the top floor of a high-rise and has outdoor seating with views of the city and a huge, gorgeous roof garden that we wandered through after finishing our meal.

Image-1Babylon at the Roof Gardens

Walking through the gardens, Greg and I joked that we got married at the wrong place and should have had our wedding in London, instead.

From Babylon we walked to Harrods so I could see the store and particularly the famous food hall, where I continuously asked Greg why we didn’t have anything like it in New York.  I was glad we’d already had lunch because there was so much to choose from that I may have gone hungry just trying to decide what to eat.  We continued to wander through the store, scrutinizing the Egyptian-themed interior as we made our way, trying to decide if it was too much or just enough before concluding that it’s too much, but in the best possible way.

After leaving Harrods we hopped onto the Tube and crossed town over to Waterloo to meet up with Katie again.  We joined her for cocktails at a restaurant called Skylon, which was a gorgeous space that had great views of the city, looking over the Thames.  We had a great but all too brief evening with her, after which I remarked to Greg that I get the same vibe from Katie that I do from our friend Christian, in that she is the type of person I would love to have in my life for a long time, even if it only means being able to catch up every few years.

Greg and I had tickets to see The Mousetrap that evening so we walked to the West End, stopping for a glass of champagne along the way.  I was a little worried that we had possibly signed ourselves up to willingly get sucked in to a tourist trip by seeing the show, but it ended up being very enjoyable and really well performed.  I was even able to guess the twist ending during intermission, though Greg (who had seen the show years earlier) didn’t let me know I was right.

IMG_6088A little Agatha Christie to top-off my first trip to London

Both Greg and I had early mornings the next day, so after the show we went back to Claridge’s and ordered room service for dinner.  No complaints there.

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